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Currently network and project engineer who is involved in all sorts of activities closely related to networking like routing and switching, security, voice, wireless, telepresence and datacenter projects. Pre-sale and quote, prepare and plan, manage and coordinate teams, create and design, implement and optimise are all my BAU activities that I used to do for over 9 years working as network consultant in multiple systems integrators, internet service providers and financial companies in Russia and Australia. Throughout my career I became flexible and accustomed to constantly learning and finding new challenges so much that I easily adopt to new environments and tasks. Although networking is my major, I devote my free time to web-design, simple coding, 3d visualisation, RC modelling, motorcycling, gaming and music.

CCIE #53992


Fundamental rules of any network network engineer in my opinion:

1. One is none, two is one.
2. Perfections is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
3. First rule of building wireless networks: is there still a chance that we could use the wire?
4. Believe in nothing, but accept everything.

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