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TCL Scripting in IOS Basics

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TCL scripting is a powerful tool that can save your time operating telecommunications assets.

Launches TCL interactive shell mode. Urecognized (i.e. non-TCL) commands are passed to IOS CLI
Router#tclsh flash0:CustomScript.tcl 
Executes a custom script
ios_config “{command}” “{sub-command}”
ios_config "interface Gi1/10" "ip address" 
Executes a Cisco IOS configuration command
exec “{exec-command}”
exec "show ip int br 
Executes a Cisco IOS EXEC mode command

For more inforamation about TCL, see presentation by Petr Grygárek: File:TCL IOS.pdf

For more examples on how to use TCL, see category: Category:Tools -> TCL

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