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RSPAN basic configuration

TASK: Configure the switches Switch1 and Switch2 to mirror traffic using RSPAN VLAN 199 to port fa0/24 of the switch ServiceSwitch with the following conditions:

  • From Switch1, all traffic received on VLANs 66–68
  • From Switch2, all traffic received on VLAN 9
  • From Switch2, all traffic sent and received on VLAN 11

Note that all three switches use a different session ID, which is permissible in RSPAN. The only limitation on session numbering is that the session number must be 1 to 66.

Configuration example:

Switch1(config)# vlan199
Switch1(config-vlan)# remote span
Switch1(config-vlan)# exit
Switch1(config)# monitor session 3 source vlan 66-68 rx
Switch1(config)# monitor session 3 destination remote vlan 199

Switch2(config)# vlan199
Switch2(config-vlan)# remote span
Switch2(config-vlan)# exit
Switch2(config)# monitor session 23 source vlan 9 rx
Switch2(config)# monitor session 23 source vlan 11
Switch2(config)# monitor session 23 destination remote vlan 199

ServiceSwitch(config)# vlan199
ServiceSwitch(config-vlan)# remote span
ServiceSwitch(config-vlan)# exit
ServiceSwitch(config)# monitor session 63 source remote vlan 199
ServiceSwitch(config)# monitor session 63 destination interface fa0/24
ServiceSwitch(config)# end 




You can verify SPAN or RSPAN operation using the show monitor session command. From a
troubleshooting standpoint, it’s important to note that if the destination port is shut down, the
SPAN instance won’t come up. Once you bring the port up, the SPAN session will follow.

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