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Questionnaire for Wireless Campus Network Equipment Requirements

Category:Design and Architecture

Now that I have a little free time I decided to make a brief sketch of questions aimed to define some client’s requirements for telecommunications or network equipment. These are basic but certainly not all questions that hit my mind conerning wireless infrastructure requirements in a company.


  1. What is the estimate project budget?
  2. Are there any requirements to vendor choice?
  3. How many offices does the company have?
  4. How many offices are supposed to have wireless services now and in the near future?
  5. How many offices have already got deployed wireless infrastructure? If there are any, then what is the vendor?
  6. Is central wireless LAN controller redundancy required to increase network resiliency?
  7. Is extended wireless network security required (Wireless IPS)?
  8. Are wireless user location services required?
  9. Can you provide current building blueprints with room descriptions and personnel workplaces where possible?
  10. What are the walls made of?
  11. Is there any excessive electrical and radiofrequency interference in the building?
  12. How many access layer switches are used in the network at the moment?
  13. What is the vendor and type of switches used in the network? Are they PoE capable?
  14. What type of switches is used in the network core now?
  15. What is the connection speed between access layer switches and the core?


By privilege15