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Questionnaire for Wired Campus Network Equipment Requirements

Category:Design and Architecture

Now that I have a little free time I decided to make a brief sketch of questions aimed to define the requirements for network equipment. The following chunk of questions mostly refers to switches.


  1. What is the estimate project budget?
  2. Are there any requirements to vendor choice?
  3. What resource-intensive services and applications (like video streaming, etc.) are used and will likely to be used in the network?
  4. Is PoE capable equipment used in the network?
  5. Is yes, then how many ports (%) are used at the moment?
  6. If no, are there any plans to acquire it in the near future?
  7. What connection speed does current network equipment provide to end users?
  8. How many access layer switches are used in the network at the moment?
  9. What is the vendor and type of switches used in the network?
  10. What type of switches is used in the network core at the moment?
  11. What types of links is used between access layer switches and the core?
  12. Is traffic analysis required? If yes, then in what section of the network and what kind of traffic?
  13. What are the requirements for security services to be deployed in the network (Firewall, VPN, IDS/IPS, 802.1x, BYOD, AAA, Private VLANs, ACL, Port Security, etc)? Are there any performance and redundancy requirements for these services?
  14. Can you provide current network diagram?

Also I’d like to add a few entry questions about data centers as well. After all servers are phisically connected to wired network infrustructure.

  1. How many servers are used / planned to be deployed in the near future?
  2. What applications are going to be run on servers and what would be server roles?
  3. What type of interfaces are they supposed to use to connect to LAN?
  4. Are there any requirements to connection speed for the servers?
  5. How many physical ports are required to connect servers to LAN?
  6. Are dedicated SAN switches required? If yes, then what protocol support is required and how many physical ports needed? Is redundancy required?
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