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Questionnaire for Border Network Equipment Requirements

Category:Design and Architecture

Now that I have a little free time I decided to make a brief sketch of questions aimed to define some client’s requirements for telecommunications or network equipment. The first chunk of questions is all about most used border elements like routers and firewalls.


  1. What is the estimate project budget?
  2. Are there any requirements to vendor choice?
  3. How many offices does the company have?
  4. What is the current scheme used to connect offices to the Internet?
  5. What is the interface type and allocated Internet connection bandwidth?
  6. Is Internet connection redundancy required in the office / offices?
  7. If yes, where is it needed?
  8. What is the current scheme for branch offices interconnection (WAN/VPN) and type of equipment used?
  9. What kinds of data links used for branch offices interconnection and what is their throughput (Mbit/s)?
  10. Is QoS implemented on these links?
  11. How much bandwidth is currently used?
  12. How many personnel is there in the office / offices?
  13. How many personnel will there be in 1 year?
  14. Is additional network equipment required to interconnect branch offices?
  15. What services and/or functions are planned to be used on a router/firewall?
  16. What additional service modules are required?
  17. Is router redundancy required?
  18. Is power supply redundancy required?
  19. What network interfaces are used to connect to LAN (type, quantity, functionality)?
  20. Do you consider to use routing equipment as a firewall?
  21. Is dedicated firewall equipment required?
  22. Is firewall redundancy required?
  23. Is anti-virus / anti-spam / content security functionality required?
  24. Is clientless (SSL) VPN access required?
  25. Is VPN access from Android or IOS devices required?
  26. Is secure VPN access from public computers required?
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