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Processes and Functions

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A function is a team or a group of people, as well as instruments and other resources they use, in order to perform one or several processes or activities (e.g., a customer support service).

A process is a structured cumulative action designed to reach defined goals. The process transforms one or many specific ins into certain outs. The process can consist of any number of roles, responsibilities, instruments, including control and management actions, which are necessary to guarantee the expected outs.

Imagine an orchestra. An orchestra is a group of musicians with special knowledge and skills equipped with musical instruments and sheet music, accompanied with a conductor, a manager, a rehearsal studio, etc. All of these together make the orchestra perform its function – play music. To put it differently the orchestra is a function. Although it may have specific designation but it may not have the goal.


Functions form abilities but they do not help achieve the goal!

Let’s say that an orchestra plays at parties and funerals. One thing or another demands other functions to be performed, because the orchestra alone is insufficient here. Although the orchestra takes part in either of them and together with other participants (i.e., functions) makes both the events successfully accomplished.

The fundamental means of achieving goals are processes and projects. Processes help reach goals systematically and they use more or less static combinations and functions. Projects, on the other hand, facilitate reaching unique goals and utilize for that unique combinations and functions.

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