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Password Recovery

Category:Cisco Systems -> Security

I would not exaggerate if I said it happens often for me to come across a password protected device. Sometimes it may be a router or a switch that I was given for testing or even at client’s site he may have forgotten the password but needs work to be done. It’s not the procedure that bothers me but registry keys that sometimes happen to slip my memory. The one who has to keep tons of technologies, timers and numbers in his head would understand me. Anyway maybe someone would be interested in whole procedure:

// Reload device
// Press Ctrl+Break. In Dell notebooks "Break" key is missing, so use "Pause" key instead
rommon 1>confreg 0x2142
rommon 2

//Wait until the device is restared

#copy startup-config running-config // Don’t make a grave mistake here)
evilttl#config terminal
evilttl(config)#user NewUser privilege 15 secret NewPassword
evilttl(config)#config-register 0x2102


By privilege15