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Adaptiva PXE Client-Server

WAN Connectivity would be required between RVP and Adaptiva Server in order to verify request, and to remain as RVP.

The process is as follows:

Client PXE boots from NIC and sends DHCPDISC broadcast on UDP 67.
RVP is listening on 67 and receives broadcast.
Message is sent to server requesting authenticity checks against MAC address and SMBIOS GUID.
Server validates machine, checks the SCCM collections, deployments, task sequence and boot image associated with machine and sends boot image ID back to RVP
RVP sends DHCPOFFER to PXE client on UDP 68
PXE client sends unicast request message on UDP 4011 to RVP requesting boot files
RVP performs local office discovery, locates the boot image on an available machine and sends the IP of that machine to the PXE client
PXE client downloads boot image using TFTP from provided IP and boots into WinPE

If the process is breaking down at the 1st/2nd points above, no DHCPDISC broadcast is being received. This would only normally happen if this was a layer 1/2 issue with hardware, if DHCP Snooping or other security protocols are in place to block unauthorised DHCP messaging, or if the machine being imaged is not on the same subnet as other machines.

By privilege15