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Nonstandard Situations

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Quality of service in nonstandard situations means a lot to customers.

If the core service is supplied at the appropriate level then the quality of support takes the leading part in differentiating a good service supplier from a bad one in the market and forms the loyalty of the customer.

The following story happened to one of our colleagues when he was off work on a holiday somewhere far away from his native town. That time he planned to travel a lot, so he rented a car to shorten trip time. While renting a car, one has to know certain things to take care of, before returning it to the rental office. One of them lies in the requirement to fill up the car. Therefore, our main character filled it up. Leaving all the details and getting straight to the point, he refilled a gasoline engine car with diesel fuel by accident. To explain the situation he took a call to the car rental office. The decisive moment had to reveal the true nature of the service supplier.

The client had already prepared to receive the negative attitude in his address and held the breath. He knew from his own experience that whenever something goes wrong, the companies lose their face – they start being impolite with the client and by any means they try to convince the client so that he brought them a lot of trouble, they may start threatening him by implying financial consequences, etc.

If a routine interaction with a service supplier makes it possible to define either the level of merchandising technologies or the level of service provision, then doing business with the same company in a nonstandard situation would show its real attitude to the client. For a company that specializes in service provisioning this becomes a very important moment that gives a great opportunity to obtain a truly loyal client.

So, getting back to the story, the client eventually called the car rental office and explained the situation. The operator was very polite, sincere and considering the client’s arrangements to be at the airport as soon as possible resolved the issue in the least troublesome way. The story ended well, the client was greatly satisfied and was definitely going to use the services of the same company in the future again. Unfortunately, not a lot of companies can show the same gratitude to their clients in such situations.

If a friend when you are in need shows support, he is indeed a true friend, then the service supplier reveals itself in the worst-case situation. There is no better opportunity to prove how important the client is to the company.

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