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MCU Multipoint Control Unit

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Cisco TelePresence MCU 4200 is a multisite video conference server.
Some basic facts: all additional licenses like web-conferencing or HD quality video are applied with the help of activation keys which are generated on the basis of S/n and mac-address of the device; the configuration of MCU can be saved in *.xml file.

Console access parameters:

Baud rate38400
Data bits
Stop bits
Flow control

By default the IP address is assigned by a DHCP server. In order to manually assign an IP address use the following command:

static <ipaddress><mask><gateway><DNS

All the fields are necessary. If, for example, you don’t wish to type in the DNS server IP address, use instead.

Now you can connect to MCU over the web interface. The default username is admin. Password field must remain empty.

If you call the MCU from a video terminal you will see the following screen with an auto-attendant voice greeting:


You can navigate it by pressing twice the # button and then using 4, 8, 6, 2 buttons on the remote control of the video terminal you are making the call from.

Auto-attendant default configuration:


If you wish to prevent other users from creating their own conference rooms set Creation of new conferences to Disable.

You can click the Banner tab and change the logo and the background:


If you wish to create a conference, go to Conferences menu item. Let’s give a name to the new conference and call it test:


This is how this conference can be customized:


Numeric ID field is used as an alias when a video call is initiated and the remote video terminal doesn’t happen to have the ability to type the name of the conference in letters but if it can be typed in numbers instead that would be a good alternative.

PIN stands for a password. If the PIN is set to some value then one has to type the correct password to join the conference.

Visibility can be set to Private or Public. If it is Private, then no one would see a private conference name on the welcome screen. So it can be accessed only by typing its name or numeric ID from the remote control at the welcome screen like in the example below:


If we do this, the system will prompt to enter the PIN:


Then you will join the conference.

You can also customize the layout in Conferences – Custom layout tab:


If you wish to send a private message to one, some or all the participants, go to the Send message tab:


The message will be displayed on the screens of the participants.

If you wish MCU to automatically call participants at a certain time and invite them into a conference, first you have to create and submit their profiles by going to Endpoints menu item where you set their DNS names or IP addresses and choose the appropriate session initiation and communication protocol (like SIP or H.323).


For greater flexibility and scalability of the solution, you can register MCU on Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS) on which we have already created an account for MCU with the name of mcu. We used H.323 to register it.


After creating the profiles and registering MCU on VCS we can assign all of them to our already prepared conference room named test by clicking Pre-configured participants button:


Choose the appropriate participants and press Return to conference configuration button:


Now you can save the settings by pressing Update conference button:


From now on in the conference management menu tab of the MCU you can set the time for making automatic invite call to all the participants or you can manually call them into the conference one by one from the management screen of the conference.

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