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Category:Cisco Systems -> Routing and Switching

KRON is a command scheduler tool. It helps to trasform routine manual actions into automatic ones while administering Cisco network devices.

The following is an example of dropping ISP session on interface Fa0/0 every day at 00:00:

evilttl(config)#kron policy-list IntReset
evilttl(config-kron-policy)#cli clear interface fa0/0

evilttl(config)#kron occurrence ResetTime at 00:00 recurring
evilttl(config-kron-policy)#policy-list IntReset

evilttl(config)#show kron schedule 

Another example of KRON functionality is automatic self-backup service provisioning every Sunday at 23:00:

evilttl(config)#kron policy-list Backup
evilttl(config-kron-policy)#cli show run | redirect tftp://

evilttl(config)#kron occurrence Backup at 23:00 Sun recurring
evilttl(config-kron-policy)#policy-list Backup

evilttl(config)#show kron schedule 
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