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Check Point Security Checkup

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Check Point Security Checkup is a utility that scans network traffic for security risks. In first place, Check Point Security Checkup is an outstanding free presale tool that can show security flows in the network and helps you take proactive measures in securing the network from external and internal threats. It is not time consuming to setup also. Although, make sure you do not use Security Checkup on Check Point used in production because it would negatively affect its performance in securing the network.

Check Point with Security Checkup installed does not necessarily have to be installed inline as a transparent bridge. It can be connected to a switch with SPAN functionality and left for about a week to gather data for analysis. After a while, you can come back and download a complete nicely designed customizable security report in a Microsoft Word format.



There are complete guides in the Internet on how to install Check Point Security Checkup. As an appetizer, I’ve prepared a few screenshots that represent the installation process and the security report example.

Download link with screenshots (publicly available): File:Check_Point_Security_Checkup.zip

Download link with documentation (for private use only): Docs and Utilities

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