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Cacti is the RRDTool-based graph solution. It collects data from SNMP-enabled devices and provides graphical representation based on various parameters, such as CPU Usage, Average Load, Number of Processes, etc. Many Unix-like systems support Cacti. As for me, I installed it on CentOS and Ubuntu. And my advice is save yourself a nerve and install Cacti on Ubuntu as it is a piece of cake here. Just type only ONE command and you are done:

apt-get install cacti 

The installation script will provide Apache, MySQL, PHP and other necessary dependencies as well as it will create and populate SQL database and insert necessary configuration files in Apache server’s directory. During installation you will be asked for DB password. When finished, Cacti will be accessible through a browser at http://localhost/cacti

Remote Web Page Graph Embedding

1) Enable guest access
Console -> Settings -> Authentication
- Guest User : guest

Console -> User Management -> guest
- Enabled : on
- Realm Permissions : View Graphs = on

2) Embed graph in remote webpage as follows

<img src="http://server/cacti/graph_image.php?local_graph_id=(A)&rra;_id=(B)&graph;_width=(C)&graph;_height=(D)&graph;_nolegend=(E)"

(A) graph ID
(B) 1=Daily, 2=Weekly, 3=Monthly, 4=Yearly, 5=Hourly
(C),(D) graph width/height [NOTICE: This size is for plot area, not for whole image]
(E) true (or blank)

By privilege15