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Welcome to the main page of Network Knowledgebase. Here you can find all kinds of notes, sketches and drafts. They are NOT necessarily designed and written in a nice fashion. The primary goal is to share functional information applicable in real life situations.

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Routing and Switching is the foundation of all networks. Proper IP addressing scheme, technologies used and wise equipment choice would guarantee a stable, scalable and fault tolerant network. Routed and switched networks resemble cities with highways, railways and airlines between them. When you need a package delivered you write an address and leave it at the post office. The post office routes the package further along the most optimal path to another office until eventually the package finds its recipient. The same principle lies within architecture of computer networks. Even now when you are reading these lines means your computer has got the package from my belongings with this very text you are reading. It was delivered to you in milliseconds via a network of routers and switches interconnected with optical fiber links around the world.

Security is the most important part of any computer network. As years pass by more sophisticated attacks come into existence and less time is needed to arrange those. Network security specialists are responsible for keeping computer networks a safe place by constantly testing their networks against made up threats and doing as much as they can to proactively defend wired as well as wireless networks.

Since wireless networks have become a part of our lives in which we use our mobile gadgets to transfer personal and business data over the air, it is important to extend security measures upon them so they could resist ad-hoc wireless bridge attacks, rogue access points attacks, honeypot attacks, far distance radio reconnaissance, sniffing and eavesdropping attacks and many others.

Having designed and commissioned an intelligent and high-quality routed and switched, wired and wireless secure telecommunications networks, corporations can now use their convergence and scalability features to deploy voice and video technologies accompanied with quality of service within them. Thus it opens up and makes available such features as toll free internal VoIP phone calls with video and presence functionality, video conferencing rooms with high definition lifelike pictures and sound which increase collaboration and improve financial state of an organization in long term.

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